July 12 the company was founded, the entire capital NT one million, mainly for power automatic lighting, portable lighting, power supply, voltage regulators and other manufacturing business.

The first appliance-type portable emergency lights, expand throughout the Middle East market, the Asian market and the European market.

Increase the amount of investment to 21 million,Development of multi-purpose portable lamps and emergency lights Wide vertical 360∘,and portable lights and DC fans, successful sales in the Middle East and Asian countries.

Migrating to Chungli plant in Taoyuan County Industrial Park covers an area of about 1,500 Ping, to expand production and expand the business scope of products to juice machine, mixer, food cooking machine, meat grinder and other small appliances series products.

Capital of RMB 40 million yuan to expand the whole,PTC ceramic heater developed and made in Japan MATSUSHITA agent, as the world's largest supplier of PTC ceramic heater manufacturers.

R & D whirlwind roasting pan, and made Britain CORNING / PYREX company agent, while the United States received AMERICAN HARVEST and WAL-MART companies such as HPA and large orders, as the world's whirlwind roasting pan large suppliers.

Taiwan set up the domestic appliance sector, to develop ozone sterilization detoxification machines, ozone anion air purifier, marketing, domestic and foreign markets.

Successfully developed a meat grinder, and made PHILIPS marketing company in the Netherlands ODM orders worldwide, while expanding Taiwan and Asian TV SHOPPING, MLM, direct marketing channels such markets.

December 9th capital increase of one billion five hundred million five thousand, capital amounted to one billion five hundred million Jiuqian whole. Specially developed ozone water disinfection, water purification and other environmental technology products.

June 29 Check-cum-public offering of cash replenishment, replenishment of earnings of one billion Siqian zero Sishi million capital amounted to one hundred million ginseng ginseng thousand five hundred Sishi Million.
July 31 100% reinvestment Rui Chang Limited, in order to obtain the mainland Shenzhen Feng Tang electrical plant.
October 31 by the British AOQC, November 7 to obtain ISO-9002 quality control certificate. R & D is far infrared ray appliances, health care and other products, and began marketing in Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, the United States, Europe, Taiwan and mainland China and other countries in the world.

Passed ISO9001 certification standards.
December 15, will turn a profit performance and capital accumulated capital increased to 69.6 million yuan, with total capital of 405 million.

May 19 in Taipei Exchange Market official stock exchange.
August 31 earnings, capital transfer capital increase 63 million yuan, the actual capital amounted to 468 million.

September 30 capital increase of 104 million, paid-up capital amounted to 482.04 million.

November 14 funds increased 24.96 million, the actual amount of capital to 507 million.

August 27 profit into capital increase 16 million, actual capital amounted to 523 million.

October 21 turn a profit increase of capital 22.92 million, actual capital of 535.12 million.
November 25 corporate treasury stock cancellation of 2.95 million, the actual capital of 532.97 million.

July 27 acquisition of the company on behalf of the cancellation of 20 million shares, the actual amount of funds for the 457.96 million.
September 29 turned a profit increase for its capital 21,508,200, the actual amount of funds is 479 468 200.
November indirect reinvestment Shandong Star Glass Co., Ltd. 70% stake.

July 27 Treasury stock cancellation NT $ 2000 million, paid-in capital amounted to five thousand one hundred million wantonly Qibai Jiu Shi Lu Million.
September 29 capital increase of earnings Erqian Yibaiwushi Eight Thousand Erbai yuan, paid-up capital amounted to store one hundred million Qi Qian Si Shi Lu Bai Jiu Eight Thousand Erbai yuan a whole.
November indirect reinvestment Shandong Star Glass Co., Ltd. 70% stake.

December 1998 transfer of Shandong Star Glass Co., Ltd. 70% stake.

April 2011 indirect reinvestment Klein Mae Electrical and Mechanical Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 100% of the shares.

August 2012 indirect reinvestment AirluxGroup Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 100% of the shares.

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