AIRLUX Group was established in 1976, initially to produce blackout lights, portable lighting, power supply, voltage regulators, etc, and the world's first family-portable emergency lights, business development throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe.
In 1985, more self-developed vertical 360 ° wide-angle emergency lights, DC fans and other products swept the globe. Since 1987, AIRLUX Group to expand production and enter the small household appliance market, special industrial zone set up factories in Chungli, Taoyuan County, architecture, development and production of a strong team, a moderate pace and complete the specialization, will tentacles extend to international stage, and by the complete product planning and marketing strategy uphold the superior technology products, to create a Feng Tang Group's products to be sold around the world.
With the global economic takeoff and development, AIRLUX Group, in view of the growing international market demand for electronics goods, in addition to the original plan to proceed outside the headquarters of Taiwan Chungli Industrial Park, and the establishment of the factory in Shenzhen, mainland China, economic scale volume production and professional division of labor, to provide customers the latest and the best, most convenient marketing planning, to the huge scale of production and strong production capacity to meet the needs of all overseas markets, laying AIRLUX Group compete in the global appliance market force; more because of the high quality requirements, efficient service, and its reputation has won the domestic industry recognition.
Due to the evolution of the concept of the global village, closer to the distance between the international view of this, AIRLUX group to harbor the world mind, and in most of Asia Operations Bridge: Hong Kong, set up offices in Hong Kong, Ji, in order to achieve a full range of services to to meet customer demand.
AIRLUX Group is committed to this business and market share in the heart of the community, the management team on May 19, 2000 officially listed OTC, in view of the internationalization of the Group, commodity market business philosophy, in part seeks to operate lean physique in addition to outside , but the company's operating results of the public trust by OTC, the clear social and public investment and business together to enjoy fruitful.

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